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Merry Christmas in many languages !

The thought of today :                                                           : myslenka dnE
Don't deny an act of kidness to those who needs it, if it's in your might to do it... 
        Bible - Proverbs 3,27

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Welcome Ladies and gentlemen,

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Why we celebrate Christmas ?    ||    Xmas customs

The Bible Christmas history...   ||   History of the carol Silent night

Children come here !!!

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Some nice Xmas pics  
another Xmas  

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A nice winter house...   and similar stuff

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And now some very nice midi Xmas Carols what You can download :

Ave Maria 1    ||   Ave Maria 2   ||    Jesus 1   ||   Jesus 2   ||   Jesus 3   ||   Jingle
Joy 1   ||    Joy 2   ||   Joyworld   ||   King   ||   Silent Night 1   ||   Silent Night 2

O holy (very, very nice !)

Midiworld , A little Xmas carols' tour , Some lyrics...

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
let all Your dreams come true,
let nobody need to suffer by any way or reason and
let everyone remember that we are all the one;
remembering this, You'll be able to find in each other
Your brother and sister...!

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